Who is Simeon Henderson?

Simeon Henderson is from Chicago, at an early age Simeon’s mother taught him that hard work and perseverance pays off.  Applying these principles along with always having faith is what helped him realize he had the ability to do what ever he desired.

Simeon graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Elmhurst College.  While a student at Elmhurst, he was a senior of the year finalist and an All-American Record Breaking Hall of Fame Football player.  Upon graduating, he embarked upon a pro football career in the NFL, which was short lived due to an injury.  Due to this minor setback, Simeon decided to follow his passion for helping children and began teaching on the West Side of Chicago where he grew up.  Although considered a tough area, Simeon was up for the challenge.  Not only did Simeon teach in the classroom but he served as a coach and disciplinarian of students enrolled in the school.

Simeon also joined the Chicago Police Department, working the evening shift, while continuing his work as a teacher during the day.  Simeon took a leave of absence from the CPD to pursue a master’s degree in Educational Leadership at Roosevelt University.  He has also taught Introduction to College Studies and Communications on the college level.

Upon completion of his Master’s in Educational Leadership, Simeon resigned from the CPD, but continued to teach while pursuing an acting career.  Since this time, Simeon has launched his own entertainment company Simbolic Entertainment which has produced several films.  As an actor he has worked on blockbuster hits such as Barbershop II, War of the Worlds, Even Trade, Caught in the Game, I Used to Love Her, and a host of other movies and national commercials.

Simeon has also hosted a local television show in Chicago and has toured with Tyler Perry’s play, The Marriage Counselor.  Simeon has also worked as an actor in L.A.  He uses all of these experiences as a tool in helping him pursue what his purpose really is; motivating the youth because, they are our future and they need to know that if they can believe it, they can receive it.  This is why Simeon teaches the youth that life is as simple as “A.B.C.” (Attitude, Behavior, and Character) and that they always have to “D.R.E.A.M.” (Determination, Respect, Education, Attitude, Motivation).

Simeon has the ability to grab the attention of an audience and captivate them.  Being a powerful speaker that motivates change in an exciting way, is what makes Simeon Henderson one of the most dynamic motivators in the country.

Simeon’s style of motivating is interactive and exciting.  As a motivational speaker has spoken at colleges, youth rallies, schools, churches, and Chicago Public School sponsored job seminars. Being a motivator and public speaker is his passion.  Simeon’s personal mission is to show people that all things are possible if they just believe and tap into their unlimited power. He is sure that with his faith in God and his persistence, creativity and desire to encourage others, he will leave his mark of success.